Ideal World Ltd., Part.
                 Import raw material to produce finished cosmetic accessories product from UK, Japan
    And etc. Meanwhile, we distribute by our own. Our main market at presents is for local supply
    OEM and under our own brand as follows:

    Under our own brand : Department store       Central, The Mall, Emporium
Supermarket                TOPS, , Villa, Fuji UFM, Home Fresh Mart
                                     Personal Store              Watson,s, Boots
                    Under OEM :
Local Brand                    Spices, Hanako and etc.
 Inter.Brand                   Christian Dior, Estee, Chanel,
                                                                                    Lancome, Clinique and etc.

    Established on 1997
    Capital Register 5 Million
    No. of employees 35

Ideal Food & Bever Co., Ltd.

    We start on 2000 from high quality product and specialize on tea under ENTAKU brand.
    Our company is the first who produce tea under pasteurized system in Thailand.
    2001 produce OEM for our customers such as Oishi (Original 350 ml) till now
    2003 produce OEM for 7-11 (under Seiso Brand) till now
    2004 under our own brand MANOBU and supply to Phuket Air, Jiffy (oil station) and etc.
    For distribution, we have our own distribution facilities in order to service our customer.

    Under our own brand : Convenience Store         Family Mart
                                           Supermarket                   Fuji UFM, Home Fresh Mart
                                           Petrol Station                  Jet, Shell
                    Under OEM : Local Brand                      Oishi, Seiso (Seven Eleven)
                                                                                       Home Fresh Mart, Coca and etc.

    Established on 2000
    Capital Register 5 Million
    No. of employees 75
    Capacity 5,000,000 bottles/month (size 350 ml)

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