1. Cosmetic Brush from the natural raw material which are animal hair with good quality, our product as the following:
                  • Powder Brush for loose powder from Goat Hair
                  • Blush Brush for blush on from Goat Hair
                  • Mask Brush for masking, AHA treatment cream
                  • Eye shadow Brush, Eye smudge Brush from Sable Hair
                  • Lip Brush from Sable Hair
                  • Eyebrow Brush from Pig Hair
                  • Mascara Brush
                  • Eye liner/Lip liner Brush from Sable Hair
      2. Cosmetic Puff
                  • NBR Puff for foundation powder, two-way powder
                  • SBR Puff for foundation base
                  • Uretan Puff for loose powder and press powder
                  • Velour Puff for loose powder and press powder
      3. Cleansing Sponge for Face and Body
                  • White Cellulose
                  • Yellow Cellulose
                  • Natural Cellulose from wood pulp
We produce and distribute under our own brand “MASAMI SHOUKO”.
Our main market at Presents is under our own brand and supply OEM


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